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Photos and vidéos from Zelande

"Zelande fish"

Photos and videos of Zeeland were shot in the Oosterschelde (open sea) or in the Grevelingen (shut sea pool).
We dive in "Wemeldinge",bridge pile "Zeelandbrug", "Burghsluis", "Plompetoren", "Schelphoek"... Oosterschelde .(open sea).
And in "Scharendijke", "Dreischor", "Ossehoek" ...and many other for the Grevelingen

Dive sites:dive sites of Zeeland
Those areas are natural environment rich in wildlife but visibility is not always ok, and current may be strong.
On this page you will find 2 or 3 names of emblematic species.
For a more comprehensive list of the species represented on the photos you can check Doris' website : Doris
Here we have
tadpole fish   Butterfish

European flounder  Great(er) pipefish
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    Photo Photo Photo Photo
    tadpole fish Butterfish Butterfish short-spined sea scorpion
    Butterfish Two spot goby European flounder Nilsson's pipefish
    short-spined sea scorpion tadpole fish tadpole fish tadpole fish
    tadpole fish Plaice Black Goby Greater pipefish
    Plaice Butterfish Dragonnet lyre Greater pipefish
    Greater pipefish Black Goby Greater pipefish Two spot goby
    Lumpfish Lumpfish Lumpfish Lumpfishjuv
    European anchovy European seabass European seabass Tompot Blenny
    Yarrel's blenny Grey Mullet Montagu's sea-snail Red mullet
    Greater pipefish Eel viviparous eelpout short-spined sea scorpion
    short-spined sea scorpion short-spined sea scorpion horse mackerel common dragonet
    European flounder Two spot goby Short-snouted Seahorse Short-snouted Seahorse
    Short-snouted Seahorse Dover sole bib, pout whiting common dragonet