Vranken Martin's scubavideo and scubapicture

Vranken Martin's scubavideo and scubapicture

Photos and vidéos From Sipadan

" Sipadan Seaslug flatworm"

Photos and videos of Sipadan were shot during our dive cruise in 2017; we made 29 dives in different locations.
About 30 hours under water with the "Celebes exploror" only boat to cruise there; 16 dive places ; departure from Mabul ( Malaysia)
The dive spots were mostly " Barracuda point" but also "Turtle patch" , "South point " "Drop off" on sipadan island .
Remarkable dive spots like "Paradise1", " Paradise2", "Kapalai mandarin", "The wall2", "Mabul ray point " on Mabul island....
This area of preservation maintains a natural environment rich in wildlife but visibility is not always ok.
For a more comprehensive list of the species represented on the photos you can check Doris' website : Doris
On this page you will find 2 or 3 names of emblematic species.
Here we have
Le Doris quadricolor   Le Chromodoris coi

Le Phyllidia  La Pteraeolidia
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  • Photos of Sipadan Seaslug flatworm

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    Photo Photo Photo Photo
    Chromodoris kuniei Halgerda batangas Notodoris minor Caloria indica
    Le Chromodoris coi Le Chromodoris coi Phyllidia sp Chromodoris kuniei
    Chromodoris kuniei Nembrotha kubaryana Pteraeolidia sp Pteraeolidia sp
    Le Doris quadricolor Phyllidia sp Le Doris quadricolor Chromodoris lochi
    Le Doris quadricolor Hypselodoris emma Hypselodoris bullocki
    Le Doris quadricolor Chromodoris lochi Tubulophilinopsis pilsbryi Chromodoris coi
    Chromodoris dianae Thecacera picta Flabellina rubrolineata Ovula ovum
    vers plat vers plat vers plat Chromodoris kuniei