Vranken Martin's scubavideo and scubapicture

Vranken Martin's scubavideo and scubapicture

Photos and vidéos of Méditerranean sea

"Méditerranean sea Fish"

Photos and videos of Mediterranean sea were shot in "the National creeks park" in Cassis Marseille or in "the natural reserve park of Port-Cros"
We dive in 3 different diving center, "Narval plongée" with Fabienne, "Bormes plongées" with Mirko and " Lalonde plongées" with Jérôme.
Narval plongée avec Fabienne
, Bormes plongée avec Mirko
et Lalonde plongée avec Jérôme.
Those areas of preservation maintains a natural environment rich in wildlife.Remarkable dive spots like "La Gabinière", "La pointe cacau" or the "Grand conglu" are well known.
On this page you will find 2 or 3 names of emblematic species.
For a more comprehensive list of the species represented on the photos you can check Doris' website : Doris
Here we have
Grouper Fiche Grouper   Barracuda Fiche Barracuda

Common Dentex Fiche Dentex  John dory Fiche John dory
  Seahorse guttulatus Fiche Seahorse   Seahorse Distribution Seahorse Distribution

Photos of Méditerranean sea Fish

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Photo Photo Photo Photo
John dory John dory John dory John dory
Grouper Grouper Grouper Grouper
Barracuda Barracuda Barracuda Barracuda
orkbeard orkbeard orkbeard orkbeard
Moray Moray Conger Conger
monkfish monkfish torpedo ray torpedo ray
Brown meagre red tuna Seahorse sun fish
Barbier Flathead grey mullet Common Dentex crazy grey mullet
Blenny Saupe Labre Serran écriture
striped mullet gilthead seabream CreniLabre Mediterranean rainbow wrasse
pilot fish Damselfish Sar European sea bass
Seahorse Seahorse Seahorse Seahorse
Seahorse Seahorse Seahorse Seahorse