Vranken Martin's scubavideo and scubapicture

Vranken Martin's scubavideo and scubapicture

Photos and vidéos of fresh water

Carp bighead carp tench minnow gudgeon Chub Ide roach rudd dace

Most of photos and videos of Fresh water were taken in Belgium, open water places, like old stone quarry
Like " La Gombe" by Esneux, "Lillé" by Sprimont or "Vodelée" by Charleroi...
"La Gombe" à Esneux
, "Lillé" à Sprimont
Vodelée dans le Hainaut
The Fauna of those places is not natural, it was brought by the divers, fish are artificially there and often are fed
Here we have
Carp Fiche Carp   Bighead carp Fiche Bighead carp  Tench Fiche Tench

Minnow Fiche Minnow   Gudgeon Fiche Gudgeon

Chub Fiche Chub   Ide Fiche Ide   Roach Fiche Roach

Rudd Fiche Rudd   Dace Fiche Dace

Photos of fish

on clic get a new greater pictures,

Photo Photo Photo Photo
Carp Carp Carp Carp
Carp Carp Bighead carp Bighead carp
Chub Chub Chub Chub
Roach Roach Roach Roach
Gudgeon Gudgeon Gudgeon Gudgeon
ide ide ide ide
Minnow Minnow Minnow Minnow
Rudd Rudd Tench Dace