Vranken Martin's scubavideo and scubapicture

Vranken Martin's scubavideo and scubapicture

Photos and vidéos from Brazil

Fish 2

Photos and videos were shot on the Southern Atlantic coast between Rio de Janeiro and Santos. We made 22 dives in 3 different locations. The most northern one was Angra dos Reis (RJ) where we dived with Pousada Jamanta dive center. The dive spots are not far from the coast; there is some current and we saw lots of sea horses.
The second location we dived was Ilhabela, a bit further south;where we dived with scubadodive ;lots of current, there are underwater ropes for divers to secure. The visibility is limited, like in Zeeland in the Netherlands. We encountered lookdowns, a most unusual-looking carangid.
Our third dive location was Laje de Santos at an hour and a half by speedboat off the coast of São Vicente, next to Santos harbour (SP)where we dived with ATM diver. Current and visibility can vary, but there are lots of wildlife.

Our dives in "Parque Estadual Marinho da Laje de Santos"

Pousada Jamanta
Scubadodive avec Alexandre
ATM diver avec Nauther
Nauther Andres participant of Brasil manta project
Brasil manta project
here is"Parque Estadual Marinho da Laje de Santos"

This area of preservation maintains a natural environment rich in wildlife but visibility is not always ok.
On this page you will find 2 or 3 names of emblematic species.
For a more comprehensive list of the species represented on the photos you can check Doris' website : Doris
Here we have
"Frade" Fiche French angelfish   "Cachimbo" Fiche Seadevil

"Badejete" Fiche Black grouper  "Peixe Voador" ou "Coió" Fiche Flying gurnard   Longsnout seahorse Fiche Longsnout seahorse   Le"peixe porco" Fiche American whitespotted filefish

Photos of fish2 from Brazil

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Photo Photo Photo Photo
Ladyfish Bandtail puffer Comb Grouper spotted goatfish
filefish bluespotted cornetfish queen triggerfish French angel fish
Black-spot surgeonfish French angel fish French angel fish honeycomb cowfish
Devil fish Devil fish orangespotted filefish balloonfish
spannish hogfish guelly jack pork fish whitefile fish
parrotfish whitefile fish French angel fish spannish hogfish
sea chubs doctorfish surgeonfish South American silver porgy Long-snout Seahorse
harlequin bass queen triggerfish purplemouth moray Blenny blenio
Damselfish Flying gurnard Flying gurnard gobi neon
Orange Fiiefish highhat common snook stripedsnook
bluespotted cornetfish reef butterfly fish reef butterfly fish redeye parrotfish
scorpionfish scorpionfish banded butterfly banded butterfly
reef parrotfish Glassy sweepe moray scorpionfish
lantern bass lantern bass lantern bass Spadefish