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Les photos et vidéos plongées de MV

Thailand Seahorse Ghost Frogfish Moray

Photos and videos of Thailand were shot during our dive cruise in 2015. We made 26 dives in different locations.
We spent around 20 hours under water, first with a liveaboard cruise boat around the Similan Islands, then a few days on Phi Phi Islands with Sea Bees diving center.
The dive spots were mostly "West of Eden", a wreck with lots of wildlife, "Elephant Head Rock", "Thaicha Koh", "Pratang's wreck" and finally "Richelieu Rock" on the Similans.

Remarkable dive spots were "Turtle-Rock", "Bida", "Sharkpoint" and "Anemone Reef" on Koh Phi Phi.
Kho Phi Phi island has a rich environment. On the other hand, except "Richelieu rock" the Similans were rather poor.
On this page you will find 2 or 3 names of emblematic species.
For a more comprehensive list of the species represented on the photos you can check Doris' website : Doris
Here we have
Frogfish Fiche Warty frogfish  Harlequin ghost pipefish Fiche Harlequin ghost pipefish

Thorny seahorse Fiche Thorny seahorse  Greyface moray Fiche Greyface moray

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    Similan wreck Phi Phi Sea Bees