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Les photos et vidéos plongées de MV

Maldive Islands

Photos and videos of Maldive island were shot during our dive cruise in 2008 and 2010; we made 50 dives in different locations.
Spending around 50 hours under water, Maldives islands are a Paradise for divers ,great number of little island
We dived with "OK Maldives" with christian Allanic, greatest reference in this area.
There are some wrecks, little islands, internal channel, but the "passes" are the best of all ! very rich in wildlife
current may be very strong in those places..
Highlights include "gooraidoo"(eagle ray ,shark), "Fotteyo kandu" (schools of various fish),"vanhuravalhi kandu"( Thun, trevally, grey shark),"Don calo" (Mantas),"Rhasdoo"...
These areas of preservation maintain a natural environment rich in wildlife, explosion of life!!
But at this time I only had a limited camera.

video link Maldive Islands

Mantas Maldives 2010 Whaleshark humpheadwrasse Platax Spotted stingray indian stingray
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