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Les photos et vidéos plongées de MV

Anodonta asellus corbicula Cristatella Dreissena Crayfish Sponge Hydra Medusa et Toad

Most photos of fresh-water species were taken in Belgium in open water locations such as old stone quarries
like ‘La Gombe’ in Esneux near Liège, ‘Lillé’ in Sprimont or Vodelée near Charleroi.
The fauna in these places is not natural, it has been brought by divers. Wildlife in these flooded quarries is artificial and is often being fed.
Here we have
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Anodonta mold Fiche Anadonta  Asellus aquaticus Fiche Asellus   Corbicula mold Fiche Corbicula   Crayfish Fiche Crayfish   Toad Fiche Toad

Cristatella bryozoan Fiche Cristatella  dreisseina mold Fiche Dreisseina   Sponge Fiche Sponge   Medusa crapedacusta Fiche Medusa   Hydra Fiche Hydra

Fiche Fauna of stone quarry  

liens vidéo eau douce

video Medusa crapedacusta video Asellus aquaticus video Crayfish life in a pond video Stone quarry "Gombe "

video Medusa crapedacusta 2