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Les photos et vidéos plongées de MV

Bonaire fish2

Photos and videos of Bonaire were shot during our 2 diving trips in 2013 and 2015. Situated in the Caribbean Sea the island of Bonaire is "the tropical Zeeland".
Diving off the coast, we made 50 dives in different locations, spending around 50 hours under water in over 100 dive places.
Our dive spots were mostly "Hilma Hooker" – a wreck, "Buddy Reef", "Salt Pier", "Karpata", "1000 Steps"

Remarkable dive spots were "Slagbaai", "Boca Bartol", "Red Slave" and "Playa Fushi".
This area of preservation maintains a natural environment rich in wildlife.
For a more comprehensive list of the species represented on the photos you can check Doris' website : Doris
other website : Fishes: Greater Caribbean
On this page you will find 2 or 3 names of emblematic species.
Here we have
potted snake eel Fiche spotted snake eel

Great Baraccuda Fiche Baraccuda  Scrawled filefish Fiche Scrawled filefish

American sting ray Fiche stingray 

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