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Les photos et vidéos plongées de MV

Méditerranean sea Crustacean

Photos and videos of Mediterranean species were shot in the "National Park of the Calanques" in Cassis and Marseille and in the area of preservation of "Port-Cros".
We dived in 3 different diving centers: "Narval Plongée" with Fabienne, "Bormes Plongées" with Mirko and " Lalonde Plongées" with Jérôme.
Those areas of preservation maintain a natural environment rich in wildlife. Highlights include "La Gabinière", "La Pointe Cacau" or the "Grand Congloué".
On this page you will find 2 or 3 names of emblematic species.
For a more comprehensive list of the species represented on the photos you can check Doris' website : Doris
Mer Littoral
Here we have
Spiny lobster Fiche crayfish   Lobster"Grande cigale" Fiche cigale royale

Periclimenes prawn Fiche periclimenes  Crab "Dromie" Fiche dromie

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